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5 Ways to Naturally Remove the "Vintage Smell" From Thrifted Pieces

5 Ways to Naturally Remove the

Have you ever gone to a vintage shop, fallen in love with a piece and when it came time to try it on, you noticed it smelled like...your grandma? Nothing against our Grams (in fact, several of our pieces are inspired by our ancestors), but when it comes that "vintage smell", we'll take a pass.

Not to worry, we've got you covered. Keep reading for 6 easy (and natural!) ways to get your thrifted clothes smelling fresh.

#1: Hand Wash: Hand wash your piece (unless it's wool or a very delicate vintage piece like silk) by letting garment sit in cool water in a sink or bucket with mild detergent, let sit for an hour, do not wring out or put in spin cycle or dryer. We place ours between towels and pat out the water!

#2: Air Dry: Air dry either by hanging outside in shade or in a window or shower. You can also lay it flat to air dry on a drying rack if you don't have anywhere to hang the piece. If possible, let it air out for a couple days or as long as possible.

Pro tip: It's key to get fresh air circulating through and around the piece to air it out. If the fabric is white or color safe, we will hang it in the sun outside (this can fade clothing so do this step with caution, not recommended for dyed or delicate vintage!)

#3: White Vinegar: Another great option is to use white vinegar, either by adding it to the water when you wash it (just a couple tablespoons will do) or by placing in a bowl near where the garment is hanging to air dry. As it evaporates, so will the smell.

#4. Charcoal: This trending element can help your body and clothes. You can find charcoal baggies online that you can hang in your closet or with the clothes you're airing out. Charcoal gets recharged by sunlight, so it's best to let the charcoal sit in the sun occasionally.

#5: Vodka: Vodka isn't only for vodka sodas anymore. To remove the smell from an old piece, put vodka in a spray bottle and lightly mist the garment (only mist do not soak!) It will will draw out the smell at it evaporates.

Did you give these a try? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment below and let us know how you removed that good ol' "vintage smell".